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Five Emotions Co.,Ltd.

Chief Administrative Officer

Toshio Nakaichi


the SOHO 1025, 2-7-4 Aomi, Koto-ku,
Tokyo 135-0064, Japan

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Price of goods, etc.

Listed on each page

Amounts required other than usage fees

※However, Internet connection fees and other telecommunication line communication costs must be paid separately by the customer (amounts to be determined by each service provider). (Amounts are as determined by each service provider with which the customer has contracted.)

Payment Method

Credit card payment

Timing of service provision

Unless otherwise specified, the service is available immediately upon completion of the purchase procedure.

Returns and Cancellation Policy

Due to the nature of the services provided on this site, cancellations are not accepted.
However, a paid member user may cancel the paid membership service upon completion of the prescribed procedures in accordance with the Terms of Service.
In such a case, the paid-up fee will not be refunded.