Indications Pursuant to the Payment Services Act

Name of prepaid payment instrument

FE Point


Five Emotions Co.,Ltd.
the SOHO 1025, 2-7-4 Aomi, Koto-ku,
Tokyo 135-0064, Japan


Toshio Nakaichi

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Payable amount etc.

There are no purchase restrictions or maximum balance restrictions.

Validity period / expiration date

※For Free FE Points that do not fall under the prepaid payment instruments, a validity period or expiration date may be set at the time of grant.

Where you can use Coins

You can use Coins within the “FIVE EMOTIONS” service we provide.


Except where provided by laws and regulations, Coins cannot be reissued, refunded, or assigned etc.
Other matters regarding use are subject to the “FIVE EMOTIONS” Terms of Use.

Method for confirming unused balance

Unused balances can be confirmed by following the steps below within “FIVE EMOTIONS”.
My Page > 「FE Point」

Articles of incorporation, terms of use, etc.

Please check the “FIVE EMOTIONS” Terms of Use.